Case Study: Large Corporate Event

Drive It to the Winner’s Circle

Event: National Sales Conference
Location: Orlando, Florida
Number of Attendees: 870

Establish a “driving force” by means of focused goals/objectives for the upcoming year. “Rev-up” the sales team.

This Event:
The program was structured to motivate the sales team after a challenging year.

“Driving Force”:
Well coordinated meetings and presentations by motivational speakers, followed by organized break-out sessions, allowed the group of 870 to remain focused and on schedule. Participants were able to utilize their limited time together to mingle while still learning about the tools necessary for their success.

Nothing motivated this group more than a little dinner and dancing. After a “pit stop” at a pool party, with motorcyclists, Hawaiian belly dancers and a fireworks display, everyone was ready to “start their engines”.

The Racetrack:
Hyatt Grand Cypress, where NASCAR race cars were parked in the lobby, the foyers, and poolside.

The Caution Flag:
870 sales personnel in groups of 100 people move in 10 minutes to change lanes (between break-out sessions), yet the yellow flag was never waved.

The Checkered Flag:
Team racing shirts and hats were the preferred attire as all participants were awarded checkered flags.