Activites/Team Building

You’re on the beach, you have 60 minutes, 2 large sheets of cardboard, duct tape, magic markers and as much plastic as you need. Now all your team has to do is build a boat that will float longer than your competitors’.
Buckle up and hold on for the ride of your life! Meet your driver at Pit Lane, strap on your helmet and climb into a high performance vehicle. Experience the road course the way real a race car driver does… at full speed.
Board a sleek sailboat, select your crew positions and begin plotting your strategies. Then sail out of the harbor into the ocean. First a five minute warning horn will sound, then a two minute warning horn, then one long blast and you are off for the afternoon. It’s a sailboat race full of adventure sure to build a common bond. When it comes to team building you won’t find a better team of planners than LPCE.
Click around below and contemplate your teams’ next adventure.