Single Day/Special Events

Don your fanciest denim, roll up your sleeves and compete in a Chili Challenge that will surely lead to one team’s bragging rights for the year.
“Fly Me to the Moon” is playing as the sea plane door opens. Thirty minutes later you spot a catamaran in the middle of the ocean waiting for you to board. You sail to a deserted island for lunch where you can choose to parasail, jet ski, fish, play volleyball or if you prefer, take a nap. Are you wondering where you are going next and how you are going to get there?
It’s Thanksgiving and it’s time to say thanks. What better place to celebrate than on Ellis Island. You can feel the history envelope you as you and your guests dine in the most culturally significant monument in America. End the evening sailing around the Stature of Liberty singing God Bless America. Got chills? When it comes to a special event, no one can make it more special than LPCE
Take a look at some our past events below.